Your tribe could just be the thing...that changes everything.

Reimagine the power of connection in this inspiring guide for women who want to unleash their unique value, redefine their female tribe, and thrive with support.


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"Assemble the Tribe is a battle cry for every woman who’s ever felt isolated, outmatched, or unassisted..."

Entrepreneur Magazine

Like so many women today, I always wanted to have a crew, a group, a tribe. However, from a young age, like so many women, finding my Tribe was difficult, and I found myself more closed than open.

However, no matter what I did or where I turned, the desire to find my Tribe and create strong, thriving female connections never faded. It's not to say that I never had amazing friends and colleagues, however, that group of women that would travel life with me for the long haul eluded me. It wasn't until I experienced a sudden and tragic loss that I began to understand Tribe in a whole new way.

Assemble the Tribe is about radically redefining & reinventing how we experience connection. It's about finding sisterhood and experiencing thriving community for yourself and creating it for others. In its pages, you'll see me shift from closed to open and redefine and reevaluate everything I thought I knew or believed about Tribe. You'll also read the stories of women whose lives have been changed and transformed by the power of Tribe.

Now more than ever, in a world that constantly threatens to rip us apart, I believe that finding our tribes is not optional. Whether you're looking for a tribe or feel like giving up, Assemble the Tribe will help you to unlock the formula Believe + Belong = Be Different ® to build amazing relationships ~ especially a sister tribe.

No matter your past relationship experiences, the simple truth remains - You need people and they need you. Every day we design the life that we will walk into. Today could just be the beginning of something new. It's your turn, it's your time to assemble your tribe.

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Assemble the Tribe
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As a tribe builder and coach who works with leaders and everyday women around the world, finding and creating thriving tribes in life and leadership can be tough. This book is for...

✓ The woman who knows she has value and wants to grow.

✓ The seeker who has almost given up on finding her tribe.

✓ The woman who feels fear whenever she has to network or connect with someone new.

✓ The woman who's lonely or transitioning and needs to find a new tribe.

✓ The tribe that has found each other and wants to keep it strong.

✓ The supporter who wants to help the next generation of women find their tribe.

✓ The dreamer who wants to live her purpose and accelerate with a little support.


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Assemble the Tribe is a battle cry for every woman who’s ever felt isolated, outmatched, or unassisted in the business world. Creating strong entrepreneurial alliances will be key for staying resilient in the future, and this book will help you do so."

-Entrepreneur Magazine

 "I identified with this book from the first page all the way to the end. I saw myself and my experiences written in its pages... as if it was written just for me. As I read, I felt understood, hopeful, and inspired. I found myself wishing that someone had shared this wisdom with me when I was a young girl, a teenager, or even as a young woman. The insights written in these pages are truly priceless!"

-Amazon Review 

"This book will encourage you to reflect on the friendships you have developed over the years, and challenge you to continue to build and not give up on this fundamental need. As a clinical psychologist, I know that many individuals struggle with finding belonging. This book addresses many of the difficulties we face."

-Amazon Review

"What a great read, especially in these times. As a licensed professional counselor, I am a huge proponent and encourager of positive support systems, as I know the tangible results they produce in one's life...A breath of fresh air about the impact of togetherness - oh how we need more of this in our world."

-Amazon Review

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Meet Leah

Leah JM Dean is an advisor, author, speaker, and coach to organizations, leaders, and women across the globe.  She is the author of the best-selling book Assemble the Tribe and is also the Founder of The Tribe Advantage, a leadership program for women. 

A former HR Executive, Leah shares strategies to help organizations, leaders, and women unleash their potential and unlock her signature tribe-building formula, Believe + Belong = Be Different ®, to build more inclusive cultures where people can belong and experience belonging while achieving exceptional results. As the Founder and CEO of Conduit International Ltd., Leah has worked with organizations and executives across numerous industries, including insurance, reinsurance, financial services, education, not-for-profit, faith-based, hospitality, healthcare, food and beverage, and business consulting.

Her story is one of passionately searching for a tribe only to discover that tribes are not about just “finding our people.” Tribe is also about moving past our fears and rejection and choosing to build new tribes & systems that will impact the world. She uses science, stories, and her proprietary group research with over 1200 women to help her audiences and clients confidently navigate life & leadership with authenticity, courage, and heart. Leah lives in Bermuda with her husband and two children. 

Our lives are forever changed when we create the space to grow and assemble our tribes

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