Navigating our relationships in life and leadership should be simple. The trouble is, people & relationships are complex, and we don't always have to tools to show up differently. 



I am an Entrepreneur, Leadership Strategist, Tribe Builder, Leadership Coach, Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach & Speaker.  My vision is to create a more connected world. My mission is to transform the tribes of others in life and leadership.

It was the power of tribe that changed the trajectory of my life, from a poor student who had to drop out of college, to executive and then director in the boardroom. 

When I left my Executive role after 20 years to take a mid-career break to spend time with my family, check off a few things from my bucket list and write Assemble the Tribe, I anticipated that I would return to the corporate world. However, the more I wrote and spoke to people about my work, I knew that it was time to use my years of experience in building teams and tribes in a new way. As I conducted my own proprietary group research and looked at the science of relationships, I knew that I could not go back to business as usual.

My work aims to help us move from uncomfortable to comfortably confident in the way we navigate our relationships in our lives and leadership. We can make that shift by unlocking my tribe-building formula, Believe + Belong = Be Different ® . I believe: 

  • How we show up matters. Even the little things we do have an impact. 
  • There is only one you. We all have value that needs to be unleashed. 
  • There is power in tribe. We are better together than we are on our own. 
  • Conversations and mindsets matter. Our words and intentions can change everything.  
  • Belonging is the x-factor. Exclusion is a pain no one should feel. 
  • Work hard play hard. Work creatively. Have fun. Deliver results. 

So how can change the world together? Well for one, I’ve filled this space with stories, tools, and resources to help you find your people, grow your personal and professional tribes, and live your best life. Enjoy them, use them, share them.

I would also love to stay connected with you. Join me on Instagram or LinkedIn and you can also join the tribe. As a member of the tribe, you will get access to tribe and leadership insights and be the first to learn about upcoming events. 

Together we will grow and live life differently - at work, at home, in our communities. 

There are so many places you could be, but you're here - thank you.

It’s time to get started, let’s Assemble the Tribe!

Your true purpose lies at the intersection of who you were created to be and your desire to share it with others. 


  • I grew up on a 25-acre island In Bermuda.
  • I was part of a group that recorded an album (not singing). 
  • Growing up I had 93 pets. Now I have none.
  • One of my tribes performed over 2,500 random acts of kindness in one day.
  • I love shoes, flowers, walking, journaling, and writing. 


Watch my video bios below or read my official bio here:

leah jm dean | OFFICIAL BIO

Leah JM Dean is the author of the best-selling book, Assemble the Tribe, and an expert on leading with a "tribe mindset." She is a former Chief Human Resources Executive and Board member who, for more than 20 years, successfully, developed leading HR strategies.

She has been featured in Entrepreneur and Authority Magazine and many other local and international media outlets and podcasts. She holds an MBA Degree from St. Johns University.

Leah is also the Founder of the Tribe Advantage, a 6-month leadership experience designed to help women leaders build connected, inclusive teams that deliver results. As a leadership strategist, coach, and international speaker Leah aims to unlock her signature formula, Believe + Belong = Be Different ®. In her work she shares strategies to help women leaders and their allies appreciate their unique value, create more inclusive cultures, and make a more significant impact in their worlds.

As the Founder and CEO of Conduit International Ltd., Leah has worked with organizations and executives across numerous industries, including insurance, reinsurance, education, not-for-profit, financial services, food and beverage, and business consulting. On a mission to create a more connected world, Leah uses science and her proprietary group research with over 1200 women to help her audiences and clients confidently navigate life & leadership with authenticity, courage, and heart.

Leah lives in Bermuda with her husband and two teenage children.   

“Our lives are forever changed when we create the space to grow and assemble our tribes.” leah jm dean

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Credit: Kayla McConnie

Credit: Kayla McConnie

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