For over 20 years, Leah has been a trusted coach and advisor to clients, colleagues, executives, leaders, and directors.  You can rely on Leah to leverage her years of Executive HR, Board, Tribe Formation, and leadership expertise to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities you may face.

Leah JM Dean Confidence Coach, Mindset Coach


Do you want to lead with confidence and deliver exceptional results for your organization? In this 6-month intenstive program, join Leah and the tribe and transform your leadership journey. 



Leah specializes in personalized coaching aimed to exponentially improve leadership effectiveness, tribe (team) formation, and personal relationship development. Leah leverages her years of Executive HR, Board, Tribe Formation, and leadership expertise to help you navigate the challenges and potential opportunities you may face in your transformation and mindset.



Do you have an upcoming team event or tribe building activity? Are you interested in creating powerful networking events?

Leah would love to work with you and your team to create an engaging networking and community building experience that leverages her research and tribe building methods in her book. Whether working with a large audience or small Leah will inspire participants to believe in their value, find belonging and leverage their value and belonging to think differently. Her simple formula: Believe + Belong = Be Different™ will help attendees thrive in their personal and professional lives.



“Leah is forging a path that is an inspiration to all women. She is role modeling be true to yourself, be true to your Tribe, and that you can do things your own way and in a way that feeds your soul and inspires everyone around you. Her work is special, deep, and truly transformative.” 

Amanda Morgan, CEO

"Leah is a true tribe builder.  She definitely has a way of bringing people together and helping them to realize their true potential.  She has helped me to shift my mindset after years of being guarded due to past experiences. Leah provided me with tools to help me navigate my tribe relationships and thrive within them. Leah’s work has been transformational for me."

Patrina O'Conner-Paynter, Executive Director

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