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Book Download

Want to start building and investing in your tribe? Download the first few chapters of the book. 

Tribe Health Quiz

Ready to build and thrive with your tribe? Take the quiz and explore your tribe health status. 

Leadership Status Quiz

Want to explore where you are in your leadership and identify your best next step? Take the quiz.

20 Ways to Invest

Feeling a little stuck and want some inspiration on where to invest in your leadership? Download the list.

30 Days of Tribespiration

Feeling a little low or disconnected? Challenge yourself to reconnect spiritually & then inspire your tribe.

Tribespiration Playlist

Looking for music that will restore hope, relax your mind and bring peace to your spirit? Enjoy the playlist.  

Assemble the Tribe Playlist

Every now and then we need some inspiration to remind us to connect with our tribe. Have a listen.

Featured Podcasts

Want to learn more about building your tribe in life and leadership? Listen to one of my guest podcasts.

Enjoy the Blog

Want some more inspiration as you navigate the never-ending issues we face in life and leadership? 


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Welcome to my blog. On its pages, you will find writings designed to help you transform your tribes in life and leadership. Together we'll explore key concepts from my book Assemble the Tribe and other practices that can bring peace and spur action that allows us to achieve better results in our lives and leadership. Let's get started. 

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