Investing in people is not an expense. 

It's a strategic imperative that builds powerful cultures.

Programs, coaching, experiences, and resources for the organizations and leaders who are ready to believe different, think different, talk different, and lead different.

Corporate Programs


Customized programs & offsites for leaders and organizations.

Sample Client: Global Executive looking to bring the global team together for the very first time, enhance communication, and prepare the team to accelerate their strategic objectives. 

Client Feedback: "Leah responded to the ask perfectly. Facilitated excellent sessions that allowed the team to come away better aligned, understand each other more, and with some concrete next steps!"

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Keynotes & custom presentations

Sample Client: Business Leader looking to create an experience for clients that would encourage them to expand their network. 

Client Feedback: "We had a wonderful time last week with Leah JM Dean. Leah shared the importance of why tribes are important and how we show up in our groups. Not everyone in our group knew each other when we started the night, but we ended up connecting in meaningful ways that proved precisely why tribes are necessary for our souls."


Coaching & Assessments 


Strengths Coaching Client

Our Work Together: Global leader looking to more deeply understand their strengths and leverage them to produce better results and strengthen their relationships with others. 

Client Feedback: "The experience was enlightening, brought clarity, and led to another level of self-discovery that I intend to use to enhance my leadership to the benefit of others."


Advisory & HR Strategy


Strategic Plan Development Client 

Our Work Together: Executive strategy session to develop a process and framework for strategic planning within the organization. 

Client Feedback: "I highly recommend Leah if you're seeking effective solutions and a plan to get there. Leah provides in-depth experience, knowledge, and tools, cutting to the core of the challenge, leaving you with a clear and solid strategy/ solution."


Very open and engaging. The session encouraged team collaboration and interaction, particularly regarding conflict. I left feeling lifted and with a greater sense of purpose than just getting work done.


Eye-opening and refreshing; self-care. It definitely reminded me that there is always room for improvement and that I shouldn't get too comfortable or settle for a lesser version of myself.



Cultivating experiences that ignite growth while providing support & inspiration.

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