Join The Book Club 

Join us from the comfort of your own space for a virtual book club journey, for insightful conversations, transformative stories, and shared reflections.

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So what can you expect at the book club?

  • Insightful Dialogues: Dive deep into the themes and nuances of "Assemble the Tribe." Our interactive will be designed to challenge our thinking and open new perspectives.

    A Circle of Voices: Share your reflections, stories, and insights in a welcoming environment where every contribution expands our collective understanding.

    Comfort and Convenience: Enjoy the fullness of a book club without the camera's gaze. Whether you're lounging at home or listening in from a park bench, you're fully part of the journey.

    Lasting Impressions: Walk away with more than just an analysis of the book. Gain takeaways that will aid your personal growth, inspire your daily life, and influence how you show up in teh world.

    Embrace the comfort of connection and the joy of discovery with us. Your next favorite chapter is just a discussion away.