Sometimes you just need a little time and space to invest in you...

Programs, coaching, experiences, and resources for the woman or leader who is ready to believe different, think different, talk different, and live different in life and leadership.

The Tribe Advantage

A community of women ready to invest, grow and transform with you.  

Unlock the formula Believe + Belong = Be Different ¬ģ¬†and prepare to¬†LEAD¬†with confidence¬†LEAD¬†with people¬†and¬†LEAD¬†with results.

Private Coaching

Customized support and time to invest in you.

Leah specializes in personalized coaching designed to improve your leadership effectiveness, tribe (team) formation, and personal development. Leah leverages her years of Executive, Board, Human Resources, and leadership expertise to help you navigate the challenges and potential opportunities you may face in your life and/or leadership.



Experience Transformation, Learning, and Growth

Join us for transformative events designed to elevate your leadership skills, foster team synergy, and cultivate personal development. Carefully curated to empower leaders, teams, and women to reach their full potential, our events provide unique opportunities to invest, learn, and grow in your life and leadership.


Complementary Resources

Dive into my vault of valuable resources designed to fuel your journey toward leadership excellence, team connectivity, and personal development. Whether you're a driven leader, a team builder, or an individual on the path of growth, these resources are here to empower you. Your quest for transformation begins here.


I feel like I have come away from a 6-month programme of business coaching, education, and therapy (it was more personable than just calling it business coaching!) with a tribe of intelligent, empathic, driven women. It is rare for us to invest in ourselves, which is a great investment of time and energy.

Alice W., CEO

Leah is a very knowledgeable and exceptional coach. Her passion for developing and supporting leadersis palpable. My time with Leah and the tribe could not have been more
timely as it occurred during a period when I was transitioning professionally. I appreciated the support Leah provided throughout this phase.


Notokozo M., People Development Specialist, Coach

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