4 Ways To LIFT Women 2021

It's March plus it’s Women’s History Month, and International Women’s Day just came and went. This month is a month filled with so much inspiration surrounding us, encouraging us to empower women. And while it's an important opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women, it's also important we use this time to:

  • recognize that there are still inequities that exist around the world,
  • amplify and support the voices of others, and
  • encourage and inspire the next generation of women.

The best way to do all that and more is by taking time this month to LIFT each other up, to LIFT women and empower each other, and notice that when we support and LIFT women we can bring about positive change and create a more equal world. Take time today to L.I.F.T. a woman up in your life:

  • Actively LISTEN When They Speak
  • INCLUDE Them At The Table
  • FEATURE their work and their businesses
  • Reward Them In TANGIBLE Ways

Let's dive further into how we can LIFT women in 2021.


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