It’s launch day! Let’s Go Behind the Scenes!

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Leah Dean

Today is the day! It’s finally here!! It’s BOOK RELEASE DAY!!

Today I get to share my “baby” with all of you. To be honest it’s a little nerve-wracking! As with human babies we birth, there are some parts of them you may love, while you would prefer to set aside others. My hope is that every single person who reads Assemble the Tribe will join me on this journey of the tribe and experience a shift for themselves, their tribes, and the next generation of young women.

What is happening today?

Ok, ok, so much is happening today! Today all across the world you will be able to purchase your copy of Assemble the Tribe! You can also join me on social media as I share messages about the book. Please share posts about the book with your friends and connections and invite them to join the tribe! Let's get the message of the book out there. Last but not least, tonight there will be a virtual launch party. You can register here! Join the party! 

It’s the conversations that matter

The other thing that REALLY excites me about today is that I will share the behind the scenes story of Assemble the Tribe.  For the past 3 years while I was writing the book I have hosted numerous events. There are so many people who have supported me, but one person who is near and dear to my heart is my partner in crime and event co-host Simona.  Simona is someone from my tribe who brings me absolute joy. She is crazy funny, smart, and loves a mic.  Through our friendship, she has helped me discover a part of myself I did not even know was there. 

Who better than to have a chat with about my book, the process, the learnings, the joys, and the pain.  Join the conversation as we bring you inside and behind the scenes. We will go deeper than I thought we would, but it is going to be SOOO much fun! 

In our conversations you will learn: 

  • Why I wrote Assemble the Tribe as my first book
  • Why this book is so critical RIGHT now
  • How the book has changed my life and relationship with women
  • How shifting our mindsets can change the way we raise our children
  • And more! 

After you have finished watching the video, please let me know what resonated with you? What’s your biggest takeaway? How can you use what you heard to Be Different? Please share your thoughts and comments about the blog on youtube and social and inspire someone else by sharing Assemble the Tribe with them.

Thank you so, so much for your support! If you have not already purchased your copy of the book, pick up your copy today!

Books will also be available mid-December at these fine stores: Bermuda Bookstore, Brown and Co., Long Story Short, Modblu, People’s Pharmacy, and The Griot. I will announce on social media when they are available. 

There are so many other things you may have to do today, so many places you could be, and you are here.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so grateful!




Meet The Author

Leah JM Dean is a leadership strategist, tribe formation expert, certified strengths coach, best-selling author, facilitator, speaker, and founder of the women’s leadership program, the Tribe Advantage. She is on a mission to help women and organizations all across the globe transform their tribes in life and leadership. To learn more about Leah's work, her best-selling book Assemble the Tribe, or join The Tribe Advantage Leadership Program, visit Leah lives in Bermuda with her husband and two children.