But Is It Beneficial?

Uncategorized May 31, 2022

You can do whatever you want in life. But when all is said and done, is it beneficial?

Life has an interesting way of helping us grow. Every day we make thousands of little choices. Do I wake up now, or do I hit the snooze button? Should I exercise or not exercise? Do I wear a white shirt or a blue shirt? Shall I gather the team or skip the team meeting? Should I carve out time for that conversation I have been putting off with my direct report, or should I clear out my email box? Every day in our life and leadership, we have the right to choose.

A shift is happening

The other day, I talked to an employee who was thinking about making a shift to a new organization. When I asked why they said, "I am thinking about making the shift because leadership is simply refusing to listen." "What do you mean?" I asked, "tell me more?" They shared with me that the pandemic had placed pressure on some and given others in their organization pause to reset their priorities. What they had accepted in the past was not what they wanted today when setting personal and professional goals. It wasn't to say that they did not wish to or were unwilling to work hard, but the pandemic had forced them to open their eyes to the fact that they wanted, no needed to navigate their career differently.

The pandemic has forced many workers to examine their priorities. Perhaps it was the loss of a loved one or grappling with the personal after-effects of COVID. Whatever their reason, something is happening. A few months ago, I was reading the news on this topic, dozens of articles came up, here are just a few of the headlines:

Opinion: Why are some people leaving their high-salary, high-powered jobs?
Are we really witnessing the great Resignation?
Burned-out teachers are sharing their Great Resignation stories on TikTok
People are quitting their jobs in record numbers. What's driving the great Resignation?

And that was just the first page of news….

How will you handle the reset?

The dynamics in each country are different. However, here is one universal truth on which I believe we can all agree; The pandemic has forced a reset. As leaders, whether we like it or not, the employer-employee relationship has shifted. I believe that the successful companies of the future will be listening companies. They will make wise business decisions anchored on an understanding of what matters to their employees. The employees that many count as "their most valuable resource."

No matter which side you sit on, employer or employee, the future brings choices. As a leader or an individual employee you can make any choice you want, but in the end, is it beneficial?

If you lead people, do you want to explore a few ways to invest in your leadership? Download the 20 ways to invest in your leadership here. It’s a quick read on simple ways you can invest and why they matter. Change starts with one step and iIntentional, strategic choices are always beneficial.

Meet The Author

Leah JM Dean is a leadership strategist, tribe formation expert, certified strengths coach, best-selling author, facilitator, speaker, and founder of the women’s leadership program, the Tribe Advantage. She is on a mission to help women and organizations all across the globe transform their tribes in life and leadership. To learn more about Leah's work, her best-selling book Assemble the Tribe, or join The Tribe Advantage Leadership Program, visit www.leahjmdean.com. Leah lives in Bermuda with her husband and two children.


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