Helping you transform your tribes in life and leadership is what we do.

Since its inception, Conduit International Ltd. has specialized in providing leadership, strategic advisory, and personal and professional coaching support to women and women leaders. Leah's clients include: women leaders stepping into their first leadership role or navigating meaningful life or leadership transitions. Leaders responsible for developing strategic plans for their organization or HR team and individuals focused on building their personal & professional tribes &/or navigating career and life transitions. 

Here are a few examples:

Strengths Coaching Client 

Our Work Together: Global leader looking to more deeply understand their strengths and leverage them to produce better results and strengthen their relationships with others. 

Client Feedback: "The experience was enlightening, brought clarity, and led to another level of self-discovery that I intend to use to enhance my leadership and benefit others."

Leadership Transition Client 

Our Work Together: Navigating change and transition. Showing up as a values-led leader. Developing new relationships up, across, and down the organization. Navigating conversations and developing business strategies and plans. 

Client Feedback: "No stone goes unturned. This experience was a whole mind-shift for me. If you're ready and prepared to do the work with Leah, be prepared to come out on the other side refreshed and ready to take on new and exciting opportunities."

Career Transition Client 

Our Work Together: Navigating  complex career options with numerous personal and professional considerations. 

Client Feedback: “I was faced with a challenging decision in my career and Leah was instrumental in helping me to navigate through unchartered waters. She helped me to look at my situation objectively and encouraged me to focus on what was best for me. She challenged my thoughts and helped to bring clarity to my circumstances. I would certainly recommend her mentorship. She is wise and has a wealth of knowledge to offer."

First Time Executive Client

Our Work Together: Building team rapport, clarifying leadership brand, mapping out team meetings, communication strategies, and developing & implementing a strategic planning process. 

Client Feedback: "My time with Leah has been nothing short of phenomenal. She met me where I was and scaffolded my transition & learning with precision and ease."

Strategic Plan Development Client 

Our Work Together: Executive strategy session to develop a process and framework for strategic planning within the organization. 

Client Feedback: "I highly recommend Leah if you're seeking effective solutions and a plan to get there. Leah provides in-depth experience, knowledge, and tools, cutting to the core of the challenge, leaving you with a clear and solid strategy/ solution."

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