The Art of Authentic Leadership

Your Life. Your Leadership. Your Impact.

March 5, 6, & 7, 2024 @ 1 pm AST


Are you eager to increase your leadership impact? You're not alone. Many leaders and aspiring leaders share your enthusiasm for growth and impact, striving to unlock their full potential.


Now, picture a scenario where you are confidently leading with impactful resilience.


The Art of Authentic Leadership:

a transformative 3-day journey

Prepare for a transformative 3-day journey curated for visionary individuals like you, driven to unlock their leadership potential and create a lasting impact.

Distinguished from conventional leadership programs, "The Art of Authentic Leadership" empowers you to not only redefine your leadership approach but also to craft a personalized blueprint for success.

Join us on this empowering journey to become the leader who not only inspires change but drives unparalleled success. Your leadership transformation begins here.


By the end of The Art of Authentic Leadership, you’ll have:

  • Reevaluated Your Core Leadership Beliefs: Identify strategies to swiftly overcome setbacks while maintaining a resilient and positive mindset, which is crucial for impactful leadership.
  • Crafted a Personal Blueprint of Actionable Strategies: Develop a customized blueprint of actionable strategies to implement in your leadership role, enabling you to consistently achieve exceptional results.
  • Expanded Your Network: Connected with like-minded leaders and seized opportunities to expand your professional network, fostering valuable connections that can further drive your leadership success.




Early Registration Bonuses

Bonus 1:Be one of the first 15 people to register and gain exclusive access to our Leadership Circle on March 11, 2024 - a LIVE group coaching experience designed to amplify your leadership journey.


Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to be part of a dynamic collective of leaders who are dedicated to maximizing their potential, fostering impactful connections, and creating lasting change. Space is limited!


Bonus 2: Register by February 15, 2024 and we will grant to lifetime access to the program and all program revisions. 


Prepare For Transformation.

Every day, I work with individuals who aspire to lead authentically and make a lasting impact. 

Participants who have completed this program have not only achieved their aspirations but have also experienced personal transformation, embraced greater responsibilities, and now lead with amplified impact.

If you're ready to embark on a journey of personal transformation and pave the way to realize your leadership aspirations, all it takes is ONE COMMITMENT... just a few hours of your valuable time.

Imagine this: In less time than it takes to travel to the theater and watch a movie and drive back home, you could elevate your life & leadership.


Get to know your instructor:

Meet Leah


Leah JM Dean brings a wealth of expertise to the The Art of Authentic Leadership. With over 20 years of experience as a successful Human Resources Executive & Coach, she has consistently developed strategies to help organizations and women unleash their potential and create community.

Leah is also the founder of the Tribe Advantage, a global transformational leadership program focused on helping women leaders to lead with confidence, lead with people and lead with results. 

As the Founder and CEO of Conduit International Ltd., Leah has worked with organizations, executives, and individuals across various industries. She leverages scientific research and her proprietary group study involving over 1200 women to guide her audiences and clients in confidently navigating life and leadership with authenticity, courage, and heart.

Leah resides in Bermuda with her husband and two teenage children.

Past Attendee Reviews 

“The steps were so simple, there was no real resistance to getting started right away, which builds momentum.”

-Past Attendee

“Very insightful and engaging. Leah was in my view, accessible and very candid. I didn’t feel the classroom setting, although it was a learning experience. And that was a good thing.”

-Past Attendee

“Leah is a vibrant facilitator and brings great energy and good information. You will walk away away with something. I feel empowered and assured that 'I can' with my present abilities.”

-Past Attendee

“Leah provided a simple but impactful 5-step process to reflect on our "whys" of where we are at as a Leader and tap into actionable steps we can take to move forward.”

-Past Attendee


Still, have questions? I can help.


I believe that every day we design the life we walk into. 

leah jm dean



The Art of Authentic Leadership is an opportunity to embrace something different, learn something new, and build something extraordinary. It will create the space to challenge the stories we tell ourselves and identify the necessary shifts to show up as the leaders we are destined to be.

The choices we make as leaders not only shape our own lives but also profoundly impact the lives of those we lead. Change is not optional—it is essential and often forced upon  us, which means, growth is not optional—it’s needed for success and lasting impact. You have the power to make a meaningful difference, and I have every confidence that you will.

It all begins with a step, a challenge to step out of your comfort zone and embrace something new. I am here to wholeheartedly support you on this journey. 

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to discover the transformative steps that will elevate your impact and pave the way for your leadership success.